Road maintenance is the responsibility of the Operations Division of the Planning and Public Works Department. Depots are located in Buckhorn, Douro, Havelock, Millbrook and Selwyn. Our ongoing maintenance of County roads includes the following activities:

  • Roadside Maintenance: Removal of road debris, brush, trees, and beaver dams as well as mowing and ditching
  • Hardtop Maintenance: Pothole filling and patching, sweeping and shoulder grading
  • Safety Features: Maintenance of signs, guide rails, and railway crossings
  • Bridge Maintenance
  • Winter Maintenance Activities: Plowing, culvert thawing, sanding and salting of County roads

Work Zone Safety

You can help us keep our roads crews safe by:

  • Adhering to posted speed limits and other signage on the road
  • Avoiding distractions while driving
  • Planning ahead to avoid delays - check out Municipal 511 for real time projects and closures. 
  • Treating construction zones as if they were your own workplace