To report a missed collection contact Emterra Environmental at (705) 742-3139. For all other Blue Box Recycling and general inquiries please contact the County at (705) 775-2737.

Remember the Big Three when recycling:

    1. Have your blue boxes to the road by 7am.
    2. Sort your materials into 2 boxes, Containers and Papers.
      • Use as many boxes as needed, as long as Containers, and Papers are in separate boxes.
    3. Keep recycling loose in Blue Boxes.
      • Bagged recycling will not be collected.

What goes in the box?


      • Empty and rinse all containers
      • Flatten all boxes
      • Please put all plastic bags in one and tie closed. Place in your paper blue box. 

Materials must be kept loose in Blue Boxes, bagged material will not be taken (see exceptions in Papers & Plastic Bags Section).

This helps keep the recycling clean, saves space and makes sorting easier.

Click here for a printable Blue Box Sort Guide

 Containers Are:
Plastic Containers
  • All plastic food and drink containers
  • Bakery trays, party trays, plastic egg cartons
  • Windshield wash fluid bottles, detergent bottles, toiletry bottles and jars
  • Flower pots (less than 12") and trays
    • Including black plastic food and drink containers
Metal Containers
  • Aluminum/steel cans
  • Aluminum foil, trays, burner liners, pie plates
  • Aerosol cans (empty; lids on)
  • Paint cans (empty; lids off)
Glass Containers
  • Clear and coloured food and drink bottles and jars
Cartons and Cups
  • Juice and milk cartons
  • Drinking and broth boxes
  • Coffee cups (no lids)
  • Take-out cold drink cups
    • Single use disposable plastic cups are garbage (e.g. red solo cups)

Please no styrofoam.

Search for specific items in the Searchable Waste Portal below.

 Papers and Plastic Bags Are:
 Plastic Bags

Stuff all bags inside one and tie

  • Bread, bulk, produce & milk bags (rinsed)
  • Frozen fruit/vegetable bags (no zippered pouches)
  • Shopping bags
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Newspaper, magazine bags (remove papers from bags; recycle separately)
  • Garden soil, manure, water softener and road salt bags
  • Over-wrap from toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, water/soft drink cases, diapers
  • Mail, office paper, envelopes (including window)
  • Newspapers, flyers, magazines, catalogues (remove over-wrap)
  • Paper bags
  • Shredded paper (in a clear plastic bag tied shut)
  • Boxes - please flatten all boxes
  • Rolls (paper towel, toilet & wrapping paper)
  • Bundled cardboard must not exceed 30”x30”x8” and can sit beside Blue Box if needed

No chips bags, wrappers or liners from cereal/cracker boxes.

Search for specific items in the searchable waste portal below.

Curbside Blue Box Recycling Information

Please sort recycling into Containers and Paper/Plastic Bags and have your boxes to the road by 7:00am on your collection day. 

Recycling is collected weekly in Asphodel-Norwood, Cavan Monaghan, Douro-Dummer, North Kawartha, Otonabee-South Monaghan and Selwyn Townships as well as the village of Havelock.

The Municipality of Trent Lakes and the Belmont and Methuen wards of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen please see the depot drop off program.

 Windy Day Recycling Information

Help us reduce blowing litter on windy days:

  1. Stack Blue Boxes to keep lighter materials in.
  2. Only fill Blue Boxes 3/4 full.
  3. Set your recycling out the morning of your collection rather than the night before.
  4. Consider waiting until next week to recycle, when it is extremely windy.
 Holiday Blue Box Collections
Collection will occur on all Statutory and Public Holidays with the exception of Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Collection on Christmas Day will be cancelled each year (i.e. will not occur at all) and collection on New Year’s Day will shift by one day, making all collections for the remainder of the week occur one day later, such that Friday’s collection occurs on Saturday.

Drop-Off Blue Box Information

Blue Box recycling is available at all Transfer Stations in Peterborough County at no charge.

Recycling needs to be placed loose (no bagged materials) in to the containers or papers bin.

Please contact your local Township for hours of operation.

How to get a Blue Box

Regular size Blue Boxes ($6), Tall size ($7) and Blue in the Loo (small recycling containers for the bathroom, $3) are available at the County's Planning and Public Works Department office at 310 Armour Road.