Between 30 and 50% of most garbage bags is organic material.  Reduce your waste by backyard composting or participating in one of our organics programs.

Your local Township coordinates garbage collection and manages the transfer stations.  Please contact your Township with questions.

Household Hazardous Waste can injure waste collectors and contain toxins that are harmful to human and environmental health. Please bring these materials to a household hazardous waste depot for careful handling.

Choose your township in the Searchable Waste Portal to find information regarding recycling and garbage collection all in one place.

In 2024, responsibility for blue box recycling collection and processing will transition from Peterborough County to producers of packaging and paper products.   

The Waste Management Master Plan provides direction in managing all waste until 2030. The current plan, completed in 2013, will be updated soon.

Waste Management Events

Check our Waste Management Events page for upcoming events!

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Curbside Leaf and Yard collection is available in 14 communities around the County. Drop off programs are available for locations with curbside pick-up.

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Check out our Crafts for Kids Guide for fun crafts using common household items.