Peterborough County-City Paramedics (PCCP) provides emergency medical care to citizens and visitors of both Peterborough County and City.

We are jointly funded by the County of Peterborough, City of Peterborough and the Province of Ontario through the Ministry of Health.

Head office is located on Armour Road in the City of Peterborough, with additional bases located in Peterborough, Lakefield, Norwood, Apsley and a seasonal base in Buckhorn.

Our paramedic service has highly trained professionals. We have 2 levels of Paramedics - Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP) and Primary Care Paramedics (PCP).

In 2022, Peterborough County/City Paramedics were provided with new funding streams for Community Paramedicine programs. The Community Paramedicine Program will help those experiencing health issues stay healthy at home and avoid trips to the doctor, emergency room, or a move into a long-term care home. For more information on our Community Paramedicine Programs or how to enroll please visit our Community Paramedicine Program Page.