Preparing for an emergency

In case of emergency please dial 9-1-1

When preparing for an emergency situation, please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Learn CPR and first aid - you never know when you may need it!
  2. Keep a first aid kit at home, the cottage, your car and place of business.
  3. Attempt to have all information including details of medical event, medication and health history
  4. If you have a medical condition or regularly take medications please keep a list handy to provide to paramedics upon arrival. Here is a sample form that can be used.
  5. Where possible, have all vehicles moved from the driveway or access points and turn on outside lights.
  6. Unlock, open the door, and clear a path to the patient both inside and outside of location
  7. If possible send someone outside to flag down the emergency responders

When calling 911 the dispatcher will ask a series of questions including the type of emergency, what happened, how it happened and any other important information. They also require the location, and any distinctive landmarks or entrances to speed up emergency personnel access.

What should I do if I am alone?

If you are by yourself and confronted with a medical emergency, do not delay your 9-1-1 call! It is important to get the wheels rolling on the ambulance towards your location. If you have a cordless phone or cell phone please use it to allow you to care for the victim while calling 9-1-1.