Peterborough County, we offer a safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation network that meets the needs of residents and visitors alike.

Check out Peterborough County’s Active Transportation Master Plan and find out how we are creating a safe, accessible and sustainable community.

Do you enjoy cycling? Then check out the cycling routes in Peterborough County. From road cycling to trails and paths, we’ve got something for everyone.

Peterborough County builds, operates, repairs and maintains a transportation network in excess of 700 km of roads and over 150 bridges and culvert structures

Explore the transit options available in Peterborough County. Whether you’re looking to travel by bus, air or car, we can help.

Peterborough County’s Transportation Master Plan guides the County on infrastructure improvements and enhancements for the next 20 years.

Developing in the County of Peterborough? Then check out Peterborough County’s Traffic Impact Assessment Guidelines and find out what you need to support your application.