The Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS) – Help Shape Transportation in Ontario

Toronto - This spring, the Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS) has resumed data collection activities. As one of the largest household travel surveys in North America, findings from the TTS help the Province of Ontario, transit agencies and municipalities understand the transportation needs of residents from the Greater Golden Horseshoe and surrounding areas.

While the survey is voluntary, success of the TTS data collection efforts is ultimately dependent on the participation of the residents in these regions to provide responses that reflect the transportation needs specific to each area. If you or a member of your household receives the invitation to participate, you have an opportunity to make sure your region is represented in the TTS and help transportation planners make informed decisions based on your travel patterns, and the patterns of those in your community.

Households will receive an official invitation letter informing them they have been selected to take part in the survey. The invitation letter will provide households with a secure access code and more information about the survey. Households can participate by visiting the project website at, or by calling the survey hotline at 1-877-216-7786.

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