Our highly trained and skilled Paramedics provide out of hospital care to Peterborough County and City's residents and visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We work closely with Peterborough County and City Council through the Peterborough Regional Liaison Committee to ensure our service levels match that of the service area needs. We also make sure our vehicles are staffed with highly trained Primary Care and Advance Care Paramedics.


Paramedics hold qualifications as required by the Ambulance Act and related Provincial Legislation. Our staffing levels are below: 

Staffing Levels
Base# of 24 Hour Ambulances# of 12 Hour Ambulances
Peterborough Headquarters (Armour Rd) 2 3
Peterborough - Clonsilla Avenue Base 2 0
Lakefield 1 0
Apsley 1 0
Buckhorn (Seasonal-April to October)
*Vehicle moves to Armour Road off-season
0 1
Norwood 1 0
Millbrook 1 0

Response Time Performance Plan

As approved annually by Resolution by Council of the County of Peterborough, the below requirements are maintained from January 1 to December 31:

Plan Overview
CTAS LevelTarget Elapsed Time from Paramedic Notified until on Scene (mm:ss)Target Percentile to Achieve Target
Cardiac Arrest 6:00 50%
1 8:00 66%
2 10:00 65%
3 10:00 65%
4 10:00 65%
5 10:00 65%

For more information on response time standards or to compare past and present response time performance with other municipalities, please visit the Land Ambulance Response Time Standards.