The bridge that links Peter’s Island to the main land was recently put under a load limit restriction of 5 tonnes.   The County of Peterborough and the Municipality of Trent Lakes are committed to working cooperatively with you to address your concerns and put a plan into place that will minimize the impacts to you as much as reasonably possible.

We have gathered some information and answers to what we understand can be a confusing situation. To best clarify, we have broken down this communication to address:

Present Situation

What is happening?

The County of Peterborough is required to inspect all bridges owned by the County for structural soundness every 2 years. The County does not have internal capacity to inspect all of its 154 bridges, therefore inspection services are tendered out to certified external engineers. Inspection performed in the past years include:

  • 2018 – structural assessment for load rating
  • 2017 – OSIM visual inspection
  • 2016 – structural assessment for load rating
  • 2015 – MBADES visual inspection
  • 2013 - MBADES visual inspection & structural assessment for load rating
  • 2012 – visual inspection for structural crib repair
  • 2011 – MBADES visual inspection

The structural inspection of the Peter’s Island bridge completed in 2016 passed. However, the most recent inspection in 2018 found that there are structural issues and rusting of the girders. The engineer has imposed a load reduction on the bridge to a maximum of 5 tonnes total weight all vehicles effective immediately.

How will this impact you?

This load restriction makes traversing the bridge by larger vehicles not possible.  This includes:

  • Oil fuel delivery trucks
  • Full sized propane trucks
  • Tandem snow plows, dump trucks
  • Fire pumper trucks
  • Septic pumping trucks
  • School buses
  • Some hydro vehicles

Vehicles that can still cross the bridge include personal vehicles, ambulances, and smaller utility vehicles.

The Municipality of Trent Lakes Fire & Rescue Department will respond to any fire and medical call with a modified response protocol that will include using small response vehicles.  In addition, over the next few weeks, the Department will be conducting a voluntary door-to-door home fire safety program to all residents of the Island, in an effort to help educate and identify any area of risk. 

In order to assist you while this load limit is in effect, we have some information that may be useful to you.

What are we doing about the bridge?

The County has hired a contractor under the direction of our engineering firm to do immediate structural repairs to the bridge.  These repairs once complete will raise the load limit on the bridge to what is rated 13 – 30 – 39.

  • A 13 rating is the total vehicle weight in tonnes that can be accepted for a single axle vehicle.
  • A 30 rating is the total vehicle weight in tonnes that can be accepted for a tandem axle vehicle (such as a snow plow)
  • A 39 rating is the total vehicle weight in tonnes that can be accepted for a tractor-trailer vehicle.

The contractor has ordered the materials required and will commence the work right away after receiving the materials. 

It is estimated the structural repairs will take 4-6 weeks to complete.  Once complete and approved by the engineer the 5 tonne load limit will be revised to reflect the upgraded 13-30-39 rating. It is intended that the bridge will remain open during this time.

The structural repairs are anticipated to last at least 2 years.

How will this impact you?

This increase in load capability will allow for most vehicles that provide services to access the island. 

Vehicles that still won’t be able to access the island include:

  • Full sized propane trucks
  • Septic pumping trucks
  • Fully loaded fire pumper trucks
  • Fully loaded propane delivery trucks
  • Fully loaded furnace oil delivery trucks

The Municipality of Trent Lakes Fire & Rescue Services have made modified response arrangements for the two years that the modified load restriction is in place. As required by law, the Municipality will be sending letters via registered mail to all the island property owners advising them of this change in response, which should then be given to their individual fire/property insurance providers.

In order to assist you while this modified load limit is in effective we have some information that may be useful to you.

Service Provider Information

Future Plans for the Bridge

The replacement of the Peter’s Island Bridge was originally scheduled for 2024, however due to this issue, we have re-prioritized this project. 

In 2019, we will have the design, engineering and environmental assessment process completed for the bridge. This will involve public consultation in the process and we will be in contact with you directly about this in early 2019.  The bridge replacement project (or alternatives that come out of the consultation process) will be scheduled for 2020.


We commit to working with you through this process to try to minimize the impacts of the project and to come up with alternatives for access to your property.

We understand that we may not have addressed every question or concern that you have and would encourage you to get in touch with us so we can try to assist.