Peterborough County's online Geographic Information System (GIS) is built to get you connected.  Explore our collection of map layers and connect places with the information, images, and web links that describe them.  Use the search, drawing, measurement, and print tools to create the map you need.

Start mapping

By clicking the Let me Map tile, you will be directed to our GIS public mapping and Geographic Information System. Here you will find the Tools you need from the top menu or expand the "I want to..." button in the map frame for quick access.  Expand Layer groups to change the map by turning map content on/off.

Please Note: the Web-GIS may be temporarily unavailable for 15-20 minutes due to site servicing on Fridays between 4:00pm - 4:30pm

Let Me Map

View our Let Me Map tool.

View video tutorials to help you navigate and use our web-GIS.

View the printable maps of the County that we have available.