Where can the public find information and updates on the construction project?
Project details and renderings of the finished Causeway project can be found here: James A Gifford Causeway - County of Peterborough (ptbocounty.ca) We recommend you subscribe to this page - you will receive email updates.
When will the construction on the Causeway begin?
The project will begin May 6, 2024. We encourage you to follow Peterborough County’s social media channels, as we will advise of the exact start date as soon as possible.
When will the construction be completed?
The Construction is scheduled to commence in May and to be completed by November.
How will we be notified of significant changes to the construction schedule?
The project details are available at - James A. Gifford Causeway We encourage you to subscribe to the page as emails will be sent out should the project change in any way or if more technical updates are made available. We also encourage you to follow Peterborough County’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and X), in addition you can reference Municipal 511.
How long will traffic delays be?

The average weight time will be 10-15 minutes; however,  during peak hours and select construction operations the delays could be longer. Traffic will be affected for the duration of the project (Spring until end of November), we apologize and understand how this impacts daily routines. Single lane closures will take place, there will be temporary traffic signals, combined with traffic control personnel.

Important note to transport truck drivers, heavy equipment and wide load operators and the farming community: There will be a single traffic lane open to traffic during the reconstruction of Chemong Bridge. However, vehicle widths crossing the bridge will be restricted to 3.6 metres maximum width. It will be necessary for loads exceeding the width of 3.6 metres to find alternate routes around the construction zone. 

What alternate routes are available?

Alternate routes are outlined in the map below. Please note that all businesses in Bridgenorth remain open during the construction with regular operating hours. 

Will there  be access to boat launches on the Ennismore side of the Causeway?
Yes, access will be maintained to both boat launches on the Ennismore side of the Causeway
Will there be access to Rotary Park on the Ennismore side of the Causeway?
Yes, access will be maintained to Rotary Park.
Will there be access to the businesses on the Ennismore side of the Causeway (i.e. Sip'in Dip Restaurant, Pine Grover Trailer Park, etc.)?
There will be no impact to businesses during the construction period. 
How will school buses get across the Causeway during construction?
Peterborough County has notified STSCO (Student Transportation System) about the construction project, the lane closures, and wait times. The Causeway will remain open with single lane restrictions, school buses will not be restricted, however may incur delays of up to 10 to 15 minutes.
When will the pedestrian path be ready for use?
The Pedestrian Path will be ready to use at the completion of the entire project as a whole. Estimated date November 2024.

How will emergency vehicles be accommodated?

Emergency vehicles will be given priority by the Traffic Control Person’s of the General Contractors Staff. All Emergency Management Services (EMS) have been notified of the construction on the Causeway. 
What’s the difference between the Phases?
Phase 1 was roadwork and is complete. Phase two is bridge work. For more details: James A. Gifford Causeway
Why was a multi-use path added to the Causeway?
In accordance with the County’s Active Transportation Master Plan, this project was identified as a key link between two communities. The multi-use path supports active transportation including cycling, rollerblading, walking, etc. As a tourist destination the James A. Gifford Causeway is a beautiful asset with a storied history.
Why was this project not completed in one year/contract?
Phase 1 was road work and Phase 2 was bridge work. They are considered two different construction projects. Therefore, according to the County’s procurement policy it requires two different proposals and contractor specialties.
Why did you not put include 4 lanes of traffic?
The County’s Transportation Master Plan is the guiding document for long term transportation planning. The most recent update did not find the need for 4 lanes across the Causeway within the short-term and long-term planning horizon. For more information, please visit: Transportation Master Plan - County of Peterborough
Why are you doing construction during the summer when most visitors are here? Why are you doing construction during the fall when school is in?
Weather conditions limit us to complete construction in the summer and fall. It is most cost effective and allows for a quicker completion time.
Why don't you do construction at night?
Construction does occur at night, at times when needed. However, this project considers the noise of construction on a lake and the significant noise disruption.
Why don't you do construction in the winter?
Construction can occur in the winter, when it’s necessary, however, costs significantly increase for construction projects during this time. Furthermore, safety is paramount in all the work we do.
Why is there no guide rail on the south side of the path? Will you put up a guide rail on the south side of the Causeway?
In Ontario, the MTO Roadside Design Manual is used to determine where a guide rail is required to be installed on Ontario Roadways. For this project, a guide rail is not required on the south side of the Causeway as there is sufficient space, or a clear zone/safe zone for an errant vehicle to come to a safe stop.

What are the typical hours of work?

Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm, However the Contractor has permission to work extended hours during daylight hours when required.

Why does construction keep occurring every year?
This project is a large project, it has always been planned as a phased project. This project should be fully complete by the end of November 2024.
What conditions will I experience during construction?
Traffic delays will occur. Potholes are possible, dust and loud noise is expected. You are encouraged to plan alternate routes to minimize the inconvenience to your daily route.
I’ve experienced damage to my vehicle. What is the process for compensation?
 The process is to contact the contractor directly.
Will there be any impact to the boating traffic under the bridge?
Yes, we are aware there will be an impact to boat traffic under the bridge, however, until the project has been awarded to a contractor, we do not have details. We will update the project web page; we encourage you to subscribe to the page: James A. Gifford Causeway
Can I fish off Causeway?
No you cannot fish off the Causeway. Fishing from the Causeway is contravening a County By-law. Please refer to our website for by-law enforcement. The County has appointed By-law Enforcement Officers employed by Kewley Security to enforce. Clean Marine - County of Peterborough 
What time will the lights on the Causeway be turned on and off?
The lights are controlled via photocell. They will be active 'dusk till dawn.