Prevention and preparedness are key goals for Emergency Management teams across Ontario. This enables staff to have a plan in place well in advance of any type of disaster or general multi-level emergency.

Emergency Management Ontario has guidelines and processes in place to assist Municipalities with pre-planning and proper steps to follow when the unthinkable does happen. Pre-planning is key to ensuring response and recovery strategies to maximize safety and security of Ontario and its residents.

The County of Peterborough Emergency Plan ensures the co-ordination of municipal, private and volunteer services in order to assist in organizing effective response and support to emergency situation. Our plan also allows for co-ordinated emergency support to municipalities in the event of an emergency.

To learn more about Emergency Management in Peterborough, check out our newly developing Emergency Preparedness Centre, with links to various information sources, public education material, as well as the Peterborough County map that will show information for any active emergencies in the county.

Download the new Peterborough County Emergency Management App on the Google Playstore! Search for PTBOCTYEM. 

We are hoping to develop for the Apple iOS operating system as well.

Emergency Preparedness