The Adopt-A-Road program is an opportunity for businesses, service groups, and other organizations to contribute to their community, clean up the environment, and help beautify our County roads system. 

We invite your organization to Adopt-A-Road! 

Here’s how to participate in the program: 

  • Choose a group representative 
  • Decide which section of road you are interested in adopting. Groups must adopt a section of County Road, at least 2km long and clean up litter along that section of road twice annually (usually in the spring and fall) 
  • Have the group representative fill out the application form provided on the website 
  • The group representative must fill out an application form each time the group would like to complete a clean up 

  • Once County staff have reviewed the application form, they will contact the group representative to finalize the application and to schedule a time for the group to come in and sign the Adopt-A-Road Agreement (first clean up only), fill out the Equipment Sign Out form, and pick up the List of Participants form, Waste Site Access Card,safety equipment, and bags 

  • On the clean-up date, the group representative will ensure that each participant signs the List of Participants form and reads the list of safety requirements on the back of the form 

  • Participants will place litter collected in the County supplied bags and separate garbage and recycling where possible (only if recyclable materials are clean) 

  • Participants will be responsible for bringing the litter collected to a County Waste Transfer Station as identified in the application form, using the supplied Waste Site Access Card for free disposal 

  • After each clean up, the group representative will schedule a time to return the safety equipment and List of Participants form to County staff 

  • County staff will install two signs, one at each end of the adopted section of road, designating it on behalf of the group