The following items are a sample of acceptable household hazardous waste. 

Store all materials in their original container and store in a cool dry place until they can be safely disposed of. Keep containers upright to prevent leaks and spills. Do not mix different products together.

We can only accept household material in containers up to 20L/5gal and only up to 100L of each material type per household per week. 

Unaccepted items include: Explosives (including firecrackers and ammunition), Bio-medical waste, Commercial hazardous waste (e.g. mechanics), Pharmaceuticals and Needles. 

Accepted Household Hazardous Materials
Aerosols Antifreeze
Automotive Fluids Batteries (all kinds)
Cleaners (all kinds) Cosmetics/make-up
Fertilizers Fluorescent light bulbs/tubes
Gasoline Glues
Herbicides Ink Cartridges
Mercury containing devices Motor Oil
Paint Pesticides
Pet care products Pool Chemicals
Propane Cylinders (100lb/50kg max) Sealants and Stains

Hazardous Materials