A zoning by-law is a Township document that regulates how land and buildings are used. For example, what uses are permitted, how high buildings can be constructed, or the maximum number of residential units allowed. It gives the Township a legally enforceable means of regulating land use.

Find your zoning

Each of the eight Townships in the County has their own zoning by-law. Contact your local Township to view a copy or to find the zoning on your property. The Township is responsible for all aspects of the Zoning By-Law and is the best source for zoning information.

Zoning By-Law amendment

Sometimes a landowner wants to develop their property in a way that is not permitted in the Zoning By-Law. To do this, a Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBLA) is required. A ZBLA is a Township application process regulated by the Planning Act that can change the zone or provisions of the zone, and can apply to a single property or to an entire area or Township.

Contact your local Township to find out more about ZBLA's.

Minor variance

A minor variance is a small variation from the provisions of the zoning by-law. A minor variance approval is a certificate of permission from the Township, because it lets the property owner obtain a building permit even though their property does not comply precisely with the zoning by-law.

Contact your local Township to find out more about minor variances.