A severance is an application process that creates one or more new lots from an existing property. You can find out more by reading our Land Severance Guide.

Starting a severance

Your first step is to submit a Severance Proposal Form and have a Preliminary Severance Review completed. This free service looks at your proposed severance and lets you know if what you plan to do conforms to the relevant planning policies and makes you aware of any issues.

Submit complete Proposal Forms to our Planning department in person, by mail, or by fax.  Contact information is on Page 3 of the Proposal Form.  You can also email a completed form together with a sketch to planning@ptbocounty.ca.    

Severance application

Once finished the above step, the next step is to submit an Application for Severance. If any studies are required, they must be submitted at this time along with the application fee.  Please remember that a separate application and application fee is required for each new lot.  Contact the Land Division office if you are uncertain what should be submitted.

Submit complete applications to our Land Division office.  Contact information is at the top of the Application form, or you can call 705-743-3718 and book an appointment to drop off the complete application package.

A Sample Application for Severance is available should you wish to see what a completed application form looks like.

Validation of Title

A certificate of validation is used to validate or correct a prior registered document such as a transfer of land or mortgage that breached the Planning Act as the required approvals under the Planning Act were received.  Validation of title is not used to create new lots.  However, an Application for Validation of Title does follow a similar process to the application for consent, and is also processed by our Land Division office.  


Call the Land Division office at 705-743-3718 (toll-free 1-800-710-9586) or email us at ldivision@ptbocounty.ca to find out more about the process, to submit an application, or to find the status of an application on file.

Conditions of severance

Conditions are items that need to be done after the severance has been approved. You have one year from the date of approval to complete your conditions. Once you have met all conditions, the Land Division office will stamp the deed and you can register your new lot.

The instructions and examples below are helpful when completing your conditions of severance.