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The following links are provided as a resource for those wanting more information about local initiatives or the Planning process in Ontario.

Local Community Plans and Recommendations

Planning in Ontario

  • Planning Act - The Act is legislation passed by your elected provincial representatives and sets out the ground rules for land use planning in Ontario, describes how land uses may be controlled, and who may control them.
  • Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe - Released by the Province, the Growth Plan is a long-term plan to manage growth, build complete communities, curb sprawl and protect the natural environment.  The new County Official Plan must conform with the Growth Plan.
  • Provincial Policy Statement - The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) applies province-wide.  Its policies set out the government's land use vision for how we settle our landscape, create our built environment, and manage our land and resources over the long term.  The new County Official Plan must be consistent with the PPS.
  • Citizens Guides to Land Use Planning - A series of Citizens' Guides prepared to help you understand how the land use planning process works in Ontario.