The County of Peterborough Official Plan (OP) sets the land use and planning framework for local Official Plans and decision-making. Its policies are broad and meant to guide local Townships in creating detailed policies in their own Official Plans. The County OP applies to all types of development in the County.

Local Township Policies

The Townships of Asphodel-Norwood, Douro-Dummer, North Kawartha and Selwyn have included their local policies in the County Official Plan. By including local policies in the County OP, it creates a more consistent approach to planning and development within the County.

Local Township policies are in Sections 6 and 7 of the County Official Plan. Below are the land use schedules for each of the four Townships.

Township Land Use Schedules

 Township of Asphodel-Norwood

Asphodel-Norwood Land Use Plan (Rural)

Asphodel-Norwood Roads Plan (Rural)

Norwood Land Use Plan

Norwood Roads Plan

 Township of Douro-Dummer

Douro Land Use & Transportation

Dummer Land Use & Transportation

Stoney, Clear, Katchewanooka Land Use & Transportation

Young's Point, Donwood, Warsaw Land Use & Transportation

Douro-Dummer Roads Plan

 Township of North Kawartha
Township of North Kawartha Land Use Plan

Township of North Kawartha Roads Plan

 Township of Selwyn

Selwyn Land Use Plan

Selwyn Roads Plan

Bridgenorth Land Use Plan

Bridgenorth Roads Plan

Lakefield Land Use Plan

Lakefield Roads Plan

 Source Water Protection

 Source Water Protection Schedule


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 New County Official Plan

The County is in the process of developing a new Official Plan.  To find out more about this project please visit our OP project webpage, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.