An Official Plan Amendment (OPA) is an application process that can change policies and/or land use designations in an Official Plan. OPA's can apply to a single property, or to an entire area, Township or County.

County OPA process

Before submitting an application, you must meet with us to discuss the proposal, the application process, required fees, and the studies needed to support the Official Plan Amendment application.   To set up this meeting please fill out the Pre-Consultation Request Form and submit it to the Planning department by emailing it to or as indicated on the last page of the form.

After the meeting, the Planning department will send you a meeting summary and list of studies that is needed to deem the OPA application complete.  It is mandatory that all applications, plans, supporting studies, agreements and fees be submitted together and may include:

Amendments to Township Plans

Contact the Township directly if you want to amend the Official Plan for one of the following Townships:

For all other Townships, follow the County OPA process.


 How long does the OPA process take?
It takes three months or more to finish the OPA process. The length of time can vary depending on the complexity of the proposal, the number of public agencies involved, whether peer review of studies is needed, and timing of Council meetings.
 What is the cost of an OPA?
The cost of an OPA can vary. In addition to the application fee, other costs may include supporting studies, peer review agreement and deposit, public agency review, surveying, and other supporting materials.
 What is a peer review?

In some cases, the Planning department does not have the expertise on staff to review supporting studies. For example, the County does not employ a hydrogeologist to review hydrogeological studies. In these situations, the Planning department uses an external expert to review the study to ensure it meets any applicable regulations, and that appropriate testing or modelling is completed. The job of our peer reviewer is to look out for the interests of the public and the County.

The applicant pays for all peer review costs through our Peer Review and Planning Agreement.

 How can I find out more about an application in process?

If you know of an OPA in process, or have seen a notice for one, it is best to contact the County Planning department directly.  Our phone number is 705-743-0380 or you can email us at  If known, please have the file number and Township name available; this will help us to better direct your inquiry.

Information about most of our OPA applications can also be found online by reviewing the planning notices.  We often post plans, applications and supporting studies together with the notice.