The Official Plan provides direction and guidance on how land will be used and provides policy to ensure that future development will meet the needs of the community, while at the same time implementing relevant Provincial legislation. 

A Public Meeting was held on May 18th, 2022. Please visit our public consultation page to view a recording of it.

County staff and the Technical Advisory Committee will be reviewing all submissions and comments made, and will be making any necessary changes to the draft Official Plan.


Draft New Official Plan

The draft new Official Plan is now available for review and comment. This document not only serves as the Official Plan for the County of Peterborough, but also as the local Official Plan for seven out of eight local Municipalities.

Cavan Monaghan has chosen to continue to maintain their own Official Plan, therefore detailed land use schedules for this Township are not provided.

PDF copies of Land Use Schedules are below, or you can use our online form and mapping review tool.

Township Land Use Schedules


Major Changes

The following items have been highlighted as significant changes from existing mapping and policy that are in effect today. Follow the links for additional details.  

Additional Resources

The following items have been provided as additional resources for the Draft New Official Plan.