Notice of By-law Passage regarding 2022 Development Charges

The County has a Development Charges By-Law (original as passed on May 2, 2022).  Theses charges have been indexed in accordance with provisions contained in the by-law.  The current rates, effective as of January 1, 2024 are shown below:

Type of Dwelling

Current Rate

Single-Detached, Semi-Detached Duplex (>103m2)*


Multi-Residential Single Detached, Semi-Detached Duplex (<103m2)*


Small Multiple Residential (<93m2)*


Non-Residential (per m2)

First 250 sq. m. exempt, then $41.49 thereafter

 * The areas outlined above represent the gross floor area.

Your local Township collects these fees at the time of building permit application. Development charges are fees that help pay for the cost of infrastructure and services to new development, such as roads, water and sewer infrastructure, community centres, and emergency services and facilities.