The County weed inspector is responsible for investigating reports of noxious weeds present within the road allowance of any County or Township road, or reports of a noxious weed on any municipally-owned property.  It is then the municipality's responsibility to take measures to control/eradicate the noxious weed.

Property owners are responsible for controlling noxious weeds that are present on private property or on a private road allowance. The County weed inspector can assist in identification of noxious weeds on private property, but it is the responsibility of the land owner to control the noxious weed to prevent its spread.

If the weed you are concerned about on your property is not listed as a noxious weed in Ontario, it may be an invasive species. A species is considered invasive if it is not native to Ontario, or a part of Ontario, and is harming or likely to harm the natural environment. Invasive species are being monitored and various reporting tools are available to residents of Ontario to report any sightings of an invasive species. For more information on invasive species in Ontario please visit Invasive Species in Ontario.

To report sightings of noxious weeds please complete the Report an Issue form by selecting Noxious Weeds from the dropdown list.

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Discover comprehensive details about the four most frequently reported Noxious Weeds in Peterborough County.

  1. Giant Hogweed
  2. Poison Ivy
  3. Dog Strangling Vine
  4. Wild Parsnip

For a full list of noxious weeds in Ontario or additional information on the Weed Control Act or pesticide use please visit: Noxious Weeds in Ontario or call the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs at 1-877-424-1300.