A plan of subdivision or condominium is an application process that creates multiple lots or blocks from an existing property. A registered plan will outline how the lots or blocks can be developed.

Getting started

Before submitting an application, you must meet with us to discuss the proposal, the application process, required fees, and the studies needed to support the application for Plan of Subdivision or Condominium.  To set up this meeting please fill out the Pre-Consultation Request Form and submit it to the Planning department.  Staff contact information can be found on the last page of the form.

After the meeting, the Planning department will send you a meeting summary and list of studies that is needed to deem the application for plan of subdivision/condominium complete.  It is mandatory that all applications, plans, studies, agreements and fees be submitted together and may include:


Call the Planning department at 705-743-0380 (toll-free 1-800-710-9586) or email us at planning@ptbocounty.ca to learn more about lot creation, to arrange a meeting to talk about your proposal, or to find the status of an application on file.

Frequently Asked Questions