Public Works Division

The Public Works department includes the Engineering & Design, Facilities, Operations and Waste Management Divisions.  The department’s focus is on the ‘hard’ infrastructure, the assets and facilities owned and operated by the County.

Engineering & Design

Our Engineering & Design division is responsible for all capital/construction projects related to roads and bridges, including:

  • Engineering and design of County roads
  • Surveying
  • Construction layout
  • Contract administration
  • Traffic counts
  • Traffic signals
  • Utility coordination
  • Entrance and sign permits

Facilities & Maintenance

Our Facilities & Maintenance division is responsible for maintaining all County properties and facilities.


Road maintenance is the responsibility of the Operations division. With depots located in Buckhorn, Douro, Havelock, Millbrook and Selwyn Township, ongoing maintenance activities include:

  • Roadside maintenance such as removal of road debris, brush, trees and beaver dams, as well as mowing and ditching
  • Hardtop maintenance
  • Safety features such as sign, guide rails and railway crossings
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Winter control activities such as plowing, sanding and salting of County roads

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The Operations division is also responsible for Weed Inspection.

Waste Management

Our Waste Management division provides waste reduction services, including blue box recycling, composting and organics, electronics recycling, and household hazardous waste, to all County residents.

Planning Division

The Planning Department enables and accommodates orderly growth and development in Peterborough County. We provide information and advice to local Townships, consultants and the general public on planning matters. We are responsible for:

  • Severance approval
  • Plans of subdivision and condominium approvals
  • Processing applications for and approving, amendments to the County Official Plan
  • Approval of amendments to local Township Official Plans
  • Providing planning services to local Townships
  • Providing planning advice to County Council

County Forests

There are approximately 2, 130 hectares of County-managed Forests within Peterborough County.

Geographic Information Services

Peterborough County's online Geographic Information Services (GIS) provides an opportunity to explore the area. Within our GIS website you are able to:

  • Search for properties by address, roll number, lot and concession, or GPS coordinates
  • Learn about the landscape using map features or high resolution aerial photos
  • Print or export a customized map displaying your own mark-ups using the drawing and measurement tools

Land Division

The Land Division processes applications for Consent (Severances) within the eight townships that make up the County.