Environment and Sustainability

Protecting the integrity of the environment and the sustainability of our region is a core value in the vision of Peterborough County.  To that end, we have entrenched this into our Strategic Plan 2015-2019 that guides our business decisions and actions. 

Sustainability Values

Strategic Objectives:

Promote a healthy and sustainable environment - air, water, land through programs involving the Trent Severn Waterway, & Kawartha Lakes.

Support the diversity of our community, strategies to attract and retain youth as well as enhance services for seniors.

Continue to support and fund the Sustainability Plan for Greater Peterborough and its' various projects.

Continue to grow Lang Pioneer Village Museum - Agricultural Hall of Fame Barn and integration of Hope Mill properties including a long term strategy for uses of Hope Mill properties that addresses partnerships and growth opportunities.

Continue to engage and support our volunteer community - investigate opportunities for knowledge transfer and mentoring programs between volunteers and municipal staff.

Grow Waste Management communications footprint - integration into social media outreach to achieve specific waste diversion targets.