Annual Energy Consumption Reports

Ontario Regulation 397/11 under the Green Energy Act, 2009 requires that all municipalities report annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the operation of specific facilities.

The County's reportable facilities include:

  • Administrative offices
  • Ambulance stations
  • Infrastructure Services depots
  • Storage facilities

Peterborough County Council have approved an Energy Management Plan


 2013 GHG Emissions Reporting
2013 green house gas emissions chart
 2014 GHG Emissions Reporting
2015 GHG Emissions Reporting

Energy Consumption Data

2015/2016 GHG Emissions Comparison 


 2016 GHG Emissions Reporting
 2016 consumption
2016/2017 GHG Emission Comparison
2017 GHG Emissions Reporting
 2017/2018 GHG Emission Comparison
 2017 2018 GHG Emission Comparison
 2018 GHG Emission Reporting
 2018 GHG Emission Report
2019 GHG Emission Reporting
2019 GHG Emissions