Annual Energy Consumption Reports

Ontario Regulation 397/11 under the Green Energy Act, 2009 requires that all municipalities report annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the operation of specific facilities.

The County's reportable facilities include:

  • Administrative offices
  • Ambulance stations
  • Infrastructure Services depots
  • Storage facilities

Peterborough County Council have approved an Energy Management Plan


2017 GHG Emissions Reporting
 Table: 2017 Energy Consumption Report
2017/2018 GHG Emission Comparison
 2017 2018 GHG Emission Comparison
2018 GHG Emission Reporting
 2018 GHG Emission Report
2019 GHG Emission Reporting
2019 GHG Emissions
2020-2022 GHG Emission Reporting
 2022-2022 Report