Asset Management can be defined as an integrated business approach within an organization that minimizes the lifecycle costs of owning, operating, and maintaining assets, at an acceptable level of risk, while continuously delivering expected levels of service for present and future stakeholders. The County of Peterborough manages a broad cross section of assets providing core services to residents, businesses, and visitors. The County is committed to being good stewards of these assets for both current and future generations.  Developing an Asset Management Plan will help Peterborough County address specific infrastructure needs and allow us to prepare for the changing climate. It can help us determine the investments to infrastructure that make the most financial sense in the long run. 

Presentation to Council - Asset Management

View the most recent update by staff to County Council regarding Asset Management on November 4th, 2020.

Strategic Asset Management Policy

View our Strategic Asset Management Policy

Asset Management Plan

View our Asset Management Plan

Why Invest in Asset Management?

Watch this video from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities on the importance of Asset Management investments.