Hope and Dream Statement
Peterborough County celebrates, preserves, and respects our diverse landscapes and vibrant beauty. Our communities continue to be safe, inclusive, and welcoming while providing opportunities to grow, prosper, relax, connect and disconnect. 
Mission Statement
Peterborough County is an upper tier municipal government serving residents, visitors, and eight townships to meet the needs of our community, in consultation with First Nations. The County provides paramedic services (emergency and community); public works and land use planning services as well as partnered services including public health, economic development and tourism, municipal long-term care, social and children's services, and housing support. 
Vision Statement
Working together with our townships and service delivery partners to provide high quality municipal services to our communities. 
Corporate Values

Respect: We honour our commitment to the environment, history, culture, and one another.

Responsible: We are accountable and efficient in our use and management of resources. 

Integrity: We are ethical, professional, and transparent. Our decisions are data-driven.

Teamwork: We are collaborative and work for the betterment of all our communities. 

Customer-Centric: We embrace customer-focused service delivery. We foster a sense of community in our interactions.

Three Year Strategic Priorities

Planning and Public Works:

  1. Transportation Master Plan
  2. New County Official Plan
  3. County Employment Lands
  4. Organics Collection/Garbage Collection
  5. Causeway Project
  6. Watershed Plan
  7. Materials Storage Building

Paramedic Services - Emergency Response and Community Paramedics

  1. Establish and Implement Northern/Rural infrastructure and deployment strategy- New North/Central Station
  2. Build and implement integrated health continuum service plan to meet changing community needs guided by updated (2023) masterplan and KPI's. (Meet or exceed urban and rural response times targets, expand community programs to reduce 911/ER visits)

Partnered Services

  1. Regional Airport
  2. Consolidated Municipal Services Management Agreement (CMSM)
  3. Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development (PKED) Agreement
  4. Eastern Ontario Wardens' Caucus 7 in 7 Housing Project
  5. Strategic plan for expanded long term care
  6. Funding strategy for public health
  7. Expansion of rural transit (community care or other)
  8. Dedicated physician recruitment 
  9. Shared Services Strategy and implementation (lowered tiered townships)
  10. New Administration Building

Customer Impact Statements - Our success comes from serving: 

Residents: Peterborough County delivers the services I need efficiently and professionally. 

Townships: Peterborough County is a knowledgeable, collaborative partner and an advocate. 

Business: Peterborough County supports my business through listening to my needs and providing timely solutions.

Visitors: Peterborough County is a beautiful place to visit providing experiences rich in culture, history, and natural landscapes. 

Partners: Peterborough County collaborates with us toward efficient and effective delivery of services. 

Financial Measures - We ensure accountability and sustainability by: 

Sustainability: Maintain a core operating budget aligned with inflation and maintain a dedicated infrastructure levy.

Growth: Increase tax base and earned revenue. 

Organizational Priorities - We strive for organizational excellence with specific emphasis in: 

1. People and Planning (Training, Wellness, Resources) 

  • Implement the People Management Plan for greater employee satisfaction, development, and retention
  • Develop, implement, and communicate an employee attraction program
  • Engage and educate employees in embracing change

2. Governance Excellence

  • Enhance communication between County, Townships, and partners to facilitate greater collaboration
  • Maintain effective County governance
  • Engage and educate Council in embracing change
  • Provide appropriate support and oversight to CAO