The Rotary Greenway Scenic River Road Trail (Lakefield Trail) is a picturesque 8.5 km path from Trent University to Lakefield. It was opened for public use on July 5, 2000 and is accessible year-round. It is jointly owned by Peterborough County and Trent University which manage their respective properties. This new trail was made possible by the support of the Rotary Club. The Rotary Greenway Scenic River Road Trail is a multi-use trail; cycle, enjoy a walk and stop at the gazebo for a rest, or you can host an event.

If you would like to host an event on the Trail please email us in advance with proposed details of your event.

You can access the Trail at County Road 32 and County Road 33 or County Road 32 and Douro Ninth Line.

The underlying rocks evident along the trail are Middle Ordovician limestones known as the Trenton series, at least 400 million years old. These are fossiliferous and suitable for cement manufacture. The Otonabee River that follows the course of this path flows through a valley, which was formed when the ice retreated from the Peterborough area about 10,000 years ago and water from glacial Lake Algonquin carved several glacial spillways as it drained south through Rice Lake into glacial Lake Iroquois (present day Lake Ontario). 

A wide range of species of vegetation and wildlife have been observed along this path, including mallard ducks, great blue herons, loons, frogs, chipmunks, finches, white cedars, elms, maples, sumacs, robins, hawks and poison ivy (so watch out!). A significant feature adjacent to the trail that protects and displays some of these species is the Centennial Wetland, noted for its cattails and red-winged blackbirds.

Trail Etiquette

Leave only footprints, take only memories. 
Respect and be courteous to users and adjacent landowners. 
Keep to the right of the trail. 
Please keep dogs on a leash and stoop and scoop.
Please don’t wander off the main trail or the River Road side trails. 
No horses or motorized vehicles (except wheelchairs). 
Use at your own risk. 

      Trail Map photo courtesy of Doug Saccoccia 



     Man walking on trail photo courtesy of Doug Saccoccia