County Court House

 The County Court House...

Located at 470 Water Street, Peterborough, Ontario, the Courthouse houses County administrative, human resources, and planning departments.

We are open to the public Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 4:30, excluding holidays.

The County Court House has a rich and diverse history dating back to the founding of the District of Colborne in 1838.

County Owned Facilities

The County owns several facilities/depots and ambulance bases throughout the County. 

County Forest

 The County Forest occupies a total of approximately 2,130 hectares...

 of County owned lands within the County of Peterborough. The Forest is comprised of three separate and distinct blocks.


BlockArea (ha)



Havelock Depot







Forest Management Plan (2020-2029)

Peterborough County Forest Annual Work Report, 2020

Peterborough County Forest Annual Work Report, 2021
Peterborough County Forest Annual Work Report, 2022


County Jail Heritage Park

 The historic County Jail...
 was built in 1845 and was operated by the Province as a jail facility until 2001 when an inmate riot structurally damaged the building and it was permanently closed.  In 2016, County Council approved the respectful strategic demolition of the historic Peterborough County Jail and the creation of the Heritage Jail Park.  During the demolition staff and contractors located an original time capsule that was placed at the site by the original constructors in 1846.  More information on the Peterborough Jail can be found here.

We have maintained a large part of the original structure, doors and cells so that visitors can get an appreciation for life and work at this amazing site.  In 2017, as part of the County's 150th celebrations, interpretive panels were placed at the site to tell the stories and history throughout the years.

If you would like to reserve the park for an event, please complete our Application Form.

Peterborough County Agricultural Heritage Building

 The agricultural community is strongly bound in tradition...
 and the Peterborough County Agricultural Heritage Building will interpret and demonstrate, the bond between the people and the rich land which has had such a strong influence on the economic and historic well-being of the region. It will be a circa 1910 barn as those built by the first century of farmers.  This building will be a skills/knowledge transfer centre that will impact the full region and beyond.

Victoria Park

 Located in front of the County Court House...
 at 470 Water Street, Peterborough, Victoria Park is a little bit of history in the heart of the City of Peterborough. The park is a venue for many community events including family and friend gatherings, live theatre productions and more. To book this location, complete our Application form.