Our Values:

  • The safety of our residents and visitors
  • The protection of our natural assets and the environment
  • The enjoyment of our region

The James A. Gifford and Gannon's Narrows Causeways are main transportation links and are some of the busiest and most travelled roads within Peterborough County.  Both Causeways were designed to move vehicles, they were not designed for access to recreational activities, such as fishing.

The areas outside the guiderails (the area between the guiderail and the water) are not safe for access to the lake at either Causeway.  They pose an extreme fall hazard and as such the County will not allow access or trespassing on these areas.  This is for your own safety.   

At Gannon's Narrows Causeway, there are signs indicating "No  Trespassing" and areas that are accessible are also signed.  Please watch for and obey these signs at all times.

Enforcement will be present at both locations to educate and encourage people found in these areas to relocate to safe areas.  The OPP will be involved should someone refuse to move to alternate areas.

Parking Enforcement (Education and Awareness Campaign) - FAQ’s

Warning: James a Gifford Causeway - Fall Hazards, No Fishing                              Warning: Gannon's Narrows Causeway - Fall Hazards, No Fishing

We also have expanded and enhanced our garbage and recycling collection in and around the James A. Gifford and the Gannon's Narrow's Causeway areas (these areas are marked with a * on the map).  We encourage all to keep our environment clean and please take out what you take in!  Take the Clean Marine pledge!

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Leave No Trace Canada - Leave No Trace Canada is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. Leave No Trace builds awareness, appreciation and respect for our wildlands.

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