School Zones Priority for OPP and Peterborough Police Service as Buses, Cyclists Return

Posted on Thursday August 31, 2023

In partnership with Peterborough County and the Township of Selwyn, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Peterborough Police Service (PPS) will be increasing traffic enforcement in school zones this fall. Drivers are reminded to take extra precautions as school buses return to the roads. This includes slowing down in school zones, planning to leave early, giving at least one metre of clearance to cyclists, and stopping for school buses.

The OPP and Peterborough Police Service would like to remind motorists of the following:

1) You must stop for stopped school buses with lights flashing.
2) Speeding in a school zone can result in fines and demerit points.
3) Crossing guards have the right to stop traffic at crosswalks – abide by their direction.
4) Motorists must wait until the crossing guard is no longer on the roadway before proceeding.

To keep school children safe, both the OPP and the PPS will be monitoring and issuing tickets as required for offences in school zones and/or community safety zones.

The Safe School Zones campaign is funded by Peterborough County’s Active Transportation Master Plan. For more information, visit:


As summer draws to a close, a new school year emerges on the horizon. Young learners, our children, are brimming with eagerness and hopeful expectation for the adventures the upcoming academic year will bring. The Peterborough County OPP extends a reminder to drivers, urging them to remain vigilant as children reconvene along our sidewalks, crossing guards reappear at intersections, and school buses reclaim their place on our roads. It is of utmost importance that everyone consistently prioritize safety as children embark on their daily journeys to and from their school. Motorists are requested to plan for potential delays, always demonstrating prudent judgment and patience throughout the school year.

- Inspector/Detachment Commander Chris Galeazza,
Ontario Provincial Police - Peterborough County Detachment

Back-to-school is an exciting time for children, and we want to ensure it’s also a safe time. We are asking all residents to be extra vigilant and aware of school zones, buses and students walking and cycling to school. Together we can ensure everyone has a safe and memorable back-to-school experience.

- Chief Stuart Betts, Peterborough Police Service

It's that time of year again! Across Peterborough County, students are on the move by bus, car, bike, and on foot. Please plan your commute ahead of time with our children in mind- leave early, give cyclists room, stop for buses, and let pedestrians cross at crosswalks. Police will be working on enforcement in and around school zones this Fall to ensure a safe back to school season for all! Thank you for your patience and alertness when driving in our communities.

- Bonnie Clark, Warden, Peterborough County

Back to school is a busy and exciting time for children and families. Take extra care this Fall to watch out for students particularly around school safety zones, your diligence matters.

- Sherry Senis, Mayor, Township of Selwyn

Quick facts

• September is a dangerous month for pedestrians, with more fatalities occurring during this month than any other. (Transport Canada, 2017)
• Top 3 unsafe motorist behaviours seen in Canadian school zones are speeding, illegal parking/stopping and distracted driving. (CAA polling, 2019)
• 1 of 4 Nearly a quarter of drivers report witnessing a near miss or collision in a school zone, more than half of which involved a child. (CAA polling, 2019)
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